Why My Menu Plan Doesn’t Include Breakfast & Lunch

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I’ve been making weekly menu plans for the last 29 years (I didn’t bother until we had kids and I started staying home full-time – you know, actually cooking instead of eating out all the time).  In all those years, I never planned for anything except dinner and dessert.

Does that mean we didn’t eat breakfast and lunch?  Nope.  We ate them.  But instead of planning exactly what we were going to eat for each of those meals, we used these strategies instead:

1.       Keep the pantry/refrigerator stocked with breakfast foods.  I currently buy cereal, oatmeal, eggs and sometimes frozen waffles.  We create breakfast from those items based on what we’re in the mood for and/or what we have time for.

2.       Keep the pantry/refrigerator stocked with a few lunch basics like bread, peanut butter, jelly, honey, tuna, salmon, salad, boiled eggs, fruits, carrots, sometimes convenience food.  My husband makes his own lunch so most of the lunch basics are for him.  I’m home so I have more options.

3.       Since I’m home for lunch, I usually have leftovers.  When I was working full-time, I liked to take leftovers to work.  I had access to a microwave and the leftovers made a nice, easy lunch.  Now that I’m home, I usually have leftovers, too.

So even though I don’t plan specific meals for breakfast and lunch, I do make sure food is available for those meals.  Certainly there are situations where planning would be important – if you have a large family, for example.  But for us, planning dinner only works great.

What does your menu plan include?


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2 thoughts on “Why My Menu Plan Doesn’t Include Breakfast & Lunch

  1. There are four adults living here and all of us just deal with getting our own breakfasts. Lunch could be leftovers, or a sandwich, or a salad. Dinner is always on the menu plan.

    Things only change if we are having guests for breakfast or lunch. I pull out a plain piece of paper and figure out what we will have and the how much of I will need to buy.

    having a freezer in addition to the one in our refrigerator really helps with this. When I am going to prepare a complicated meal, I usually figure on buying twice as much as that a second meal can be stored in the freezer for use later, or when unexpected guests arrive.

    Patty? How do you stay on top of all that you do? You are amazing!

    1. Great idea for buying double and putting the second in the freezer. I do love it when I have something on hand when I have unexpected guests!

      Thanks for the kind words, Dianne.

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