Winter Sucks! (all the moisture out of your skin)

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Even those of us with the best skin have a dry skin battle every now and again. Here are some tips on how to ease the winter “ash”.

Cooler Shower/No Baths – The first thing you want to do when you get up and out from under the warm covers is hop into a hot shower.  Resist the urge. Hot water sucks the moisture from your skin causing that tight itchy feeling. Sitting in a tub of water for an extended period of time will do the same.  Water is generally hard on skin because it washes away natural oils.  So the cooler and faster your shower can be, the better.

Bubble Bath = NO WAY!  – Bubble bath is essentially a highly scented, highly concentrated low-quality soap.  Soap is even MORE notorious for breaking down the skin’s natural oils – even more so than water.  So, if you must take a hot bath, skip the suds.

Better your Body Wash – If you usually opt for the cheapest bar of soap on the market, you might want to consider looking into something that’s gentle or moisturizing or…BOTH!  A Dove bar or body wash could be a great option.  Dove has a rich lather and is ¼ moisturizer.  Dove also makes a sensitive skin bar if you have trouble with fragrance.  Also, baby body wash is made for soft, sensitive baby skin and can be found in a lightly scented bar or bottle.  Might be worth a try for these long winter months.

Kick the Lotion Up a Notch – Toss the highly-perfumed lotions for a while. Those lotion contain a killer ingredient – alcohol.  While applying this lotion, you are actually syphoning out more moisture than you are replenishing.  Opt for a high quality brand like Curel, Lubriderm or Vaseline.  These are made for replenishing lost moisture and can be found in a lightly-fragranced version if you like a little scent.  AND…try and motivate yourself to moisturize EVERY DAY after your shower.  Even if your skin isn’t bugging you, consider it preventative maintenance.

Bundle Up – Direct contact with frigid outside air can damage skin and even cause painful windburn.  Protect your skin by wearing a coat, hat and gloves when going outside.

Drink Water!This sounds like a no-brainer but sometimes we forget how much our daily intake of water affects us! Water keeps everything balanced – even our skin.  Not only is water a direct hydrant for your body, but it helps maintain good metabolism (body balance) which helps your skin produce the right amount of oil to keep it moist.  2 for 1!

We love hearing from you!  What do you do to help protect yourself from winter skin? What kinds of products do you like that help keep your skin hydrated?

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5 thoughts on “Winter Sucks! (all the moisture out of your skin)

  1. I have extremely dry skin and do all the above except moisturize as much as I should. I have a deal with myself to do one-fourth of my body a day. It then doesn’t seem such a chore. Sometimes when I put on lotion it hurts so bad. That’s when I know I’ve waited too long. I use the gentlest lotion out there but still if I put off treating my skin, it will burn until it does feel better. Thanks for the post. I’m visiting from Sharefest.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

      My skin is really dry, too, so I know what you mean. I like that idea of 1/4 a day. I hate putting on lotion, too, so I’ll have to try that.

  2. There’s no need to waste hard earn cash on rip off skin care products when you can create most of the stuff yourself at home. It’s simple with everyday ingredients. – Gemma

  3. I mix my perfumed body crème with my Curel lotion and lather up. That way, I get to enjoy the aromatherapy along with the moisturizing. PS…my Curel is fragrance free. Test your combinations before you apply non complimentary scents!

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